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The Bottom line

LGG Treatment is sure to be a profitable addition to your services that you offer because

  •  All you need is the Liquid Glass Guard Professional wipes, some clean microfiber cloths and gloves.
  • One wipe fits all windshields, so little storage space is needed for the LGG box. Our boxes come in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200.
  • LGG Glass Treatment is user-friendly, easy to store, apply and dispose.
  • Employees can learn to apply LGG treatment expertly in just minutes. Each LGG wipe comes with easy-to-understand instructions.
  • As long as the weather is clear and temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, LGG can be applied outdoors, although we recommend indoors. Once the LGG treatment has been applied you can move the vehicle outdoors to dry.
  • LGG is priced for major profits.

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dealer benefits

Auto Dealers

     LGG Glass Treatment can help you create more satisfied customers in your dealership's sales and service departments. Our treatment puts a sheet of glass on top of the surface you apply it to rather than a film. The sheet of glass is approximately 500 times thinner than the human hair. 

     Imagine how pleased your customers will be to discover that you've applied LGG to the glass on the car they just purchased. LGG helps customers see clearly and drive safer for up to six months with our treatment. These are benefits that appeal to all drivers, especially women and older drivers, who are a majority of the car-buying market. Two challenges to continuing your dealership's success are to create satisfied customers and build utilization of your service department. LGG can help you accomplish these goals.

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installer Benefits

Liquid Glass Guard for detailers, car washes and many more

LGG  Treatment can help your business meet two of its most important challenges:

  • Increase your average ticket.
  • Build a loyal repeat customer base.

LGG Treatment is an excellent addition to mobile units since it can be applied in a customers driveway or garage. Of course, LGG may also be installed in the shop or warehouse prior to installing a new windshield.

With LGG, your customer will see and appreciate their quality glass replacement long after they leave your lot. Up to six months.

The value of LGG is visible every time it rains, and keeps your windshield crystal clear. Helping you create an impressive image with your customers.



How we calculate

Based on the following projections:

 Servicing 10% of your total car count each day with Liquid Glass Guard.

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